Thursday, November 15, 2007

LW07 - Results

Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You have voted on the entries. Now prepare to read the results.

At 3rd place ex aequo, we have Entry no. 1 ("Tuna Fish") penned by Spalanzani and Entry no. 4 ("Leftover Turkey") authored by Bugmaster with 5 votes each.

2nd place (7 votes) goes to Entry no. 3 ("Peanut butter and jelly") written by Jesurgislac.

And the WINNER of the Legendary Write-Off of 2007 with incredible 22 votes - i.e. 56% of the vote - is Entry no. 2 ("Sandwich making for omnipotent beings") written by hapax.

As for the bonus round, the author of the mystery piece was Bugmaster. Only 30% of those voting in this round got it right.


ST Note: I'm taking down the polls, so here's the official record of the results. Entry 1 got 12% of the vote, Entry 2 got 56%, Entry 3 got 17%, and Entry 12%. 10% of voters (3 people) thought that Spalanzani wrote the mystery piece, 40% (12 people) thought that hapax wrote it, 20% (6 people) thought jesurgislac wrote it, 30% (9 people) thought that bugmaster (who actually did write it) wrote it.


Jesurgislac said...

Congratulations, Hapax. I think the prize should be a sandwich made to your specifications. ;-)

Seriously, that was brilliant.

Spalanzani said...

Well, hapax walked all over us...but she definitely had a great entry *bow kowtow bow*

When we have the Legendary Write-Off '08 (and we will have it), let's declare it farther in advance. We need more entries. Heck, I only wrote mine because I couldn't sleep the night before the deadline.

Sarah said...

I was too late to vote, but though Hapax' was really good, I liked Jesurgislac's a lot. Narnia and Jesu are of much win.

cjmr said...

I didn't vote for the winner, and I didn't get the bonus question right, but at least I did correctly identify Jesurgislac as the writer of the PB&J instructions.

I think it was the 'sliced bread' part that did it.