Saturday, September 15, 2007

A Doctor in the House, Part 2

Michelle grabbed an empty seat. "Let's see, we're going to need an emergency response team to meet us at the gate and get your husband to a hospital as soon as possible," she told the patient's wife. "I'll ask the flight attendants if they can get word to the airport."
"This is your captain speaking. Seattle-Tacoma Airport has shut down. No, I don't know why, but I can guess. We've been diverted to King County International Airport, and should arrive in approximately one hour." The voice on the PA sounded tired.
Michelle swore again. Another complication. In the meantime, the patient's wife managed to flag down a flight attendant, whose nametag read "Sandra," and repeated Michelle's request. Sandra nodded. "I'll have the captain notify Boeing Field."
The woman thanked her, then asked, "Boeing Field?"
Sandra replied, "Another name for the airport we're going to. Boeing tests planes there."
Sometime in the midst of all this, the patient's daughter had emerged from the restroom. Michelle, being somewhat busy, hadn't seen her come out, but now found herself explaining to the young woman what had happened to her father.
"My kids are missing. Am I going to lose Dad, too?" asked young woman.
Michelle assured her that because she'd been able to respond almost immediately, he'd probably pull through. After verifying with Sandra that Boeing Field had been notified of the emergency, she settled in to keep an eye on her patient for the rest of the flight, occasionally talking to his wife and daughter to let them know what was going on.

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