Sunday, September 9, 2007

LB zork

[see here for original post (and a good time).]

Buck leaves. You are in a large room.

> n

sorry, the checklist requires you to meet the whore of babylon. You take a cab to JFK. There is a payphone here.

> use phone

With what?

> use change in phone

You have no change. An atheist must have stolen it!

> admin login user larTheManjenkins


> thurmond4prez

Welcome larTheManjenkins

> edit checklist

You don't have permission

> list user access 'checklist edit'

-- stud27LaStraw

> enable quickwrite mode

logic disabled

> exit admin

You are in JFK airport. There is a payphone here.

> inv

pistol of heathen whipping +2
Rev. Bruce Barnes notes
enemies list

> use phone

You reach Hattie. She is pleased to hear from you.

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J said...

This is absolutely delightful. They even cheat in their own text adventures! Thank you!