Sunday, April 8, 2007

About this blog

Every Friday Fred 'Slacktivist' Clark reads a few more pages of Tim La Haye and Jerry Jenkin's best selling Left Behind series of novels, and lays open how terrible the writing is, how poorly thought out the world, how unreal the people, and how stunningly hypocritical and unburdened by empathy the authors are. He does this with such endless wit, compassion, and incisiveness that we, the creators of this blog, return again and again to his to read, discuss, and think.

In the course of this discussion, many of us have speculated what would happen in LaHaye and Jenkins world if it were not populated by drones from casting central. What would happen in this dramatic post rapture universe if the people in it did not clack mindlessly through a checklist of events drawn from a semi-literate reading of the bible, behaving all the while like they've already read the dust jacket of the book they are in. Imagine you suddenly woke up and found that all the world's children had disappeared, along with a few people belonging to a narrowly defined Christian sub-group (according to L&J you're not a Real True Christian unless you say the magic words inviting Jesus into your life, and hold strictly to premillenial dispensationalist dogma -- see the Slacktivist for more articulate explanation), what would you think? What would you do? This is a forum for those stories.