Sunday, October 12, 2008

Right Behind RPG: Call for characters

I am ready to start working on characters for my Right Behind RPG. I've already got two PCs either complete or nearly so, and I'm looking for 2-10 more.

To the anonymous commenter who's never played in the World of Darkness, and anyone else in the same situation who wants to play: Just put together a 100 point GURPS character with up to 40 points in disadvantages (or one disadvantage worth 40 or more points) to play as a mundane who has no idea there's weird stuff in the world until a couple billion people just vanish. Hey, it gives an excuse for infodumps. 8)

WoD mages or Enlightened personnel should be built on 400 points with up to 100 points in disadvantages. I'll post some character creation notes later at Right Behind RPG. GURPS style mages, called "sorcerors" or "hedge magicians" in this game should be built on 250 points with up to 100 points in disadvantages.

I suspect that the LJ private message system is going to inadequate for actual character creation, so we can discuss the basic ideas there, but for actual character creation please use my Yahoo address: Note: If you want to use a spreadsheet to calculate point values, I have OpenOffice and can read Excel files. I've already got something I can use for the format if people want me to email it to them. Reminder, my LJ user name is inquisitiveravn.

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