Friday, March 21, 2008

The Four Men and the Apocalypse

Four men dressed in black entered Bruce Barnes office looking defeated.

"Reverends, Father, Rabbi," Bruce Barnes acknowledged but did but did not welcome the men.

One of the Reverends stepped forward and made his plea, "Bruce, we may have had our disagreements in the past, but it's pretty clear what happened. Billings knew everything their was to know about the Rapture, and you know everything their was to know about Billings. We want salvation, and to help those left behind."

Bruce Barnes looked up from an ancient, well-worn Bible with a myriad of bookmarks and placeholders sticking out from the pages. "First gentlemen," he hissed, "you must help yourselves. You two, rededicate yourselves to Jesus on the spot, there is a reason you were both left behind. You 'Father,' accept Jesus into your heart, if he was with you he would have told you to switch to the correct faith years ago. Finally, you 'Teacher,' accept Jesus as your Messiah, and pray in repentance for your heresy. Once all of you have purified yourselves, we need to gather supplies. Food, water, and most importantly weapons. We must make this church defensible, dark times are upon us."

"But what about the others left behind?" asked the Rabbi.

"Who do you think we need to defend this church against?" asked Bruce Barnes coldly, "Those who have not yet accepted the truth are already lost."

A look of sadness came over the four men in the door way.

"Let's go," sighed the second Reverend, "Their is no salvation to be found here..." As he turned toward the door he finished, "For anyone."

With that, four men dressed in black left Bruce Barnes office looking defeated.


Anonymous said...

Awesome new Right Behind. Just a couple of tiny mechanical nitpicks though:

"Bruce Barnes acknowledged but did but did not welcome the men" {it has to be one or the other, I think).

"Their is no salvation" {I think that should be 'there').

Other than that, a short but really poignant piece. It's surprising how much you can do with a character like Bruce Barnes. In a sense, it's good that Steele & Williams gave us so little to work with; it gives you people the opportunity to make something of the material.

Spherical Time said...

I disagree with drak pope's first nitpick. You can certainly acknowledge someone's presence without welcoming them.

However, there should be a apostrophe after "Bruce Barnes" at the end because the church in that case is considered his possession.

Well done though, evil.