Sunday, December 21, 2008

Ged's This Is My Truth, Tell Me Yours

One of Right Behind's authors, Geds, has a series of posts up that might be interesting to readers of this blog. Although we do offer links to our author's blogs in the sidebar, I found these particular posts to be very well written and thought they deserved a special shout out. They're about Ged's perspective on various aspects of modern Christianity from his current position outside the movement, and ending with an essay about his current beliefs.
If you find exceptional works that might be of interest to Right Behind readers, you can always use the email link in the sidebar to bring it to my attention, or if you're already an author, you can post it yourself.

Speaking of which, if you are an author of Right Behind and have another blog that you'd like to highlight, let me know; the ones posted are the only ones that I was able to find for our authors. Similarly, if you just read Right Behind and want to list a blog in our own "Cloud of Witnesses" let me know and I'll start a section for that as well.

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