Tuesday, October 21, 2008

RPG: Ideas for characters

I just put up the first of several rules heavy posts on Right Behind RPG. Basically, I'm putting up information needed to create a Mage character in GURPS Fourth Edition.

I currently have three player characters submitted. One more and I'll be able to start the game.

If prospective players are lacking inspiration for characters, here's a few concepts I wouldn't mind seeing as PCs, but will be set up as NPCs if I don't get them.

1) A Buck Williams analog. This can be either a mundane reporter (who unlike Buck actually files stories) with no idea that the supernatural existed until the Event, or a Union propaganda specialist with a cover identity as a reporter who is actively involved in the cover ups.
2) A charismatic religious leader, who may or may not be Awakened. This could either be a RTC nutbar a la Reverend McKinnon from the Celestial Chorus teaser, or some opposing religious leader who need not be Christian. Picture a Muslim claiming to be the 12th Imam (or merely paving the way for him), or a Buddhist claiming to be a reincarnated bodhisattva (The Dalai Lama isn't the only one). Heck, competing religious leaders is far more realistic than a proclamation of one world religion sticking because the AntiChrist said so.

I'd really like to see someone play a religious leader or two because I grew up in a decidedly non-religious household and I'm not sure I could write a religious figure convincingly. OTOH, LaJenkins are very much steeped in religious culture and they can't write religious figures convincingly so maybe I'm better off than I thought.

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