Sunday, September 21, 2008

RPG Teaser 1: The Technocratic Union

An Exchange of Memos

From: Research Director Michael Traveler, Progenitor Research and Education Collective Z234


Request for assistance

At approximately 2000 hours, [date] this facility suffered a complete failure of its dimensional shields. Whatever breached our shields did no equipment damage other than the shield generators; however, it took a large number of personnel as follows.

3 prisoners, all fanatics from the Celestial Chorus
Every child under the age of 10.
Several children between the ages of 11 and 15.
Every bioconstruct created in the facility that was based on human genetics and under two weeks of age or still in growth tanks.
17 bioconstructs in for treatment

In addition: Every pregnant woman in the facility suffered a spontaneous abortion (I wouldn't call it a miscarriage if there were no contractions.)

Several prisoners took advantage of the resulting confusion to attempt an escape. They have been recaptured.

We need assistance to defend the facility against future incursions and repair our shields. We do not have nearly enough combat personal.


attachments: list of missing personnel w/Ident codes
list of equipment damaged in escape attempt
surveillance video of incident

From: Henry Burford, Western North America Regional Administration
To: All facility directors
Re: Requested assistance

I know you don't pay attention to anything outside your own interests, but you're going to have to wait your turn for assistance. In case none of you prima donnas noticed, the whole planet and every Construct inside the Horizon was affected. If any of the Traditions were responsible for this, it appears to have been a small faction as preliminary surveillance suggests that they were affected as well.

Right now we're busy putting out fires on the Front Lines. You'll have to make do with what you've got.

Also, this week's Symposium is moved up to tomorrow at 1600 hours UTC for all Constructs in this region.


From: Research Director Michael Traveler, Progenitor Research and Education Collective Z234
To: Henry Burford, Western North America Regional Administration
Re: Front Lines Incursion

Wait a minute. The Front Lines were affected globally? If people disappeared in anything like the distribution we experienced, you'd better be prepared to respond to an upsurge in lycanthrope attacks. I'm not kidding. Get the word out immediately. I'll send as many people as I can spare to assist with handling such problems. They'll all be medically qualified as well. Also, I want as many live specimens as possible without endangering the public or unduly endangering the field personnel.


PS Can you at least get us temporary shielding while we prepare to receive casualties from the field? I'd hate lose them to another incursion after treating them.

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