Friday, January 25, 2008

Working Back Through Left Behind

One of the things that I've added to the Index is links to stories that are attached to specific page numbers.

There are only a few listed currently (see pp. 59, 228-231, 250-251, etc.), but I was wondering if people would be interested in a weekly writing competition to rewrite Right Behind from the beginning of Left Behind.

After each week, I could post a poll of the entries. The person with the highest amount of votes would get a special mention on the Index page.

This would be a fairly loose competition. There would be no formal guidelines for content other than it would have to address either the content of the Left Behind pages or the content of Fred's analysis.

If people are interested, go ahead and post in the comments here to let me know. If you're looking for Exharpazo permissions, contact either me (worldsandtime -at- gmail) or Inigo Montoya (legendary.writeoff.2007 -at- gmail). If we don't get much interest, I'll drop the idea.

Thanks for the attention,

Spherical Time


Fox Cutter said...

It could be interesting. I like some of the Right Behind stuff though I don't usually respond to the section that come through the Slactivist posts, but I do come up with some now and then.

I've done one little bit that could be considered "Right Behind" though it isn't meant to be a better version of Left Behind, it's something a bit more original (and something I might do more of in the future).

Feel free to repost it if you want.

I might do some more, I've been playing around with some ideas about how things would have gone at the moment of the event (mostly by reading about aviation and how it would react in that event. For most of the country it would be closer to 9-11 instead of planes falling out of the sky).

Rhoadan said...

Fox cutter: Didn't you post at least part of this in the comments of an LB post? I'd like to see more of it.

Rhoadan said...
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Fox Cutter said...

I didn't post it to the forums, strangely enough someone else did (I was a bit to embarrassed to be honest). On the other hand I did post some musing about how the antichrist could form a one world government by brokering the peace after WW3 started thanks to the rapture.

Spherical Time said...

Just personally, I wouldn't repost something for you because posting it to Right Behind would release it under a creative commons license. If you want me to hook you up so that you can post it, just send an email my way.

Granted I haven't gotten a good response on this, so it probably won't happen, but people are free to do it on their own.

Fox Cutter said...

I hadn't acutaly noticed the CC license on the blog. That could be a problem in this case.

Though as my stuff is really ment to be it's own setting and dosn't exactly meet the "Right Behind" charter it might be fore the best.

You could always link to it the post if you like.

I couldn't find an e-mail for you but you can send me a line via 'foxcutter' through good old gmail.