Thursday, December 20, 2007

CNN Transcript - Two Preachers in Jerusalem

(on camera) A succession of shots of showing street preachers surrounded by crowds of people.

CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): Scenes like this are taking place all over the world, as people search in vain for a reason for The Event. Here in Jerusalem it is no different, as dozens of preachers have taken up position near the Western Wall.

(on camera) Handheld camera shot of a crowd of people surrounding our two protagonists. Several tear-streaked people are clutching children's toys. Just as the screen cuts to the next scene, there's a disturbance in the crowd. The camera operators cut back to that scene just as two men burst from the crowd waving weapons. Halfway through the sound cuts in, but the translators are too overworked to be standing by for what was supposed to be filler and so we don't know what they say. There's a scuffle as the crowd tries to stop them, then one of the preachers points and they all draw back. There's a flash that overloads the camera, and when the picture returns the men are gone, the preachers have calmly gone back to preaching, and the crowd is looking at the spot where they were.

CORRESPONDENT (on-camera, looking down and listening to someone we can't hear. He looks up):We have no idea what happened just then, or if it's happening anywhere else. Check back as we continue with coverage of The Event.

This segment was repeated multiple times over the course of the day, with additional comments speculating whether this is the start of a new round of disappearances.


Nenya said...

Nice! I like it. Now I can actually envision what that scene might have looked like.

Chris said...

Very good stuff!